The essence of Yoga: An Interview with Flim Reydon

I am super happy to get to know Flim Reydon (72 years old) this year in Morocco. She did a pre-yoga-teacher training there. Since over 35 years she is practicing yoga – she teaches the essence of yoga in her trainings and her school is well known for the experience. When I was back home I visited her in her studio in Alphen aan den Rijn.

How did you come to Yoga?

35 years ago. I was pregnant with my third child and I did a pre-natal yoga course in Leiden. Before this course usually I ran out of the classes because I thought “Yoga is so boring”. I was too restless.  But this class was different: the teacher told us about the philosophy and about life. And I thought: wow. This is Yoga? I want to learn more about it. And this opened a door inside of me. At some point I knew: I wanted to do something with my body. Because what is in our mind it is also in our body. I read an advertisement and started a yoga teacher training with a very popular trainer. And this changed my whole life.

 So, the yoga journey for life started. Yoga is not just about the asanas, it’s a way of thinking – a way of living. What are the most important things you learn from yoga and its philosophy?

For the first time I felt that I was in contact with something I was looking a long time for without knowing what it was. I was always very much in a head, I wanted to know it first. But that’s not what counts, it counts what is in your heart. I never experienced something so transformative in my life. I felt so much more connected with life.

With Yoga I found an anchor in my life – and it never goes away, it’s always there. Yoga is never finished, it never ends. Yoga is everywhere, every moment, every day. And it never gets boring. You can do Yoga everywhere. You can be old, young, healthy or ill. You can even lie on your death bed and still do yoga.

With your experience you are an ambassador of yoga. But you started yoga at a time where it wasn’t well known. How was your experience to introduce yoga to people at that time?

People came to yoga because they were very interested. But my family and friends at that time where thinking I am a bit crazy. They thought it is just a phase and it will pass by. My idea was even to bring yoga in schools, hospitals or prisons. But the time wasn’t right.

Today Yoga is everywhere, which has two sides. One side is you can introduce it easier to all levels of society, which is great. On the other hand, it is a lot of superficiality and of course it got also a kind of industry. So, it is also about money.

Why can Yoga give us a guidance these days, of being in contact with ourselves?

Yoga is about going inside of yourself. And to discover what not belongs to you. We are so much distracted by all the voices around us who tell us what to do or to buy. We forget what is important in life. People in the western world are looking so much for the material world. They think, what they can touch is real. But this is not real – it will be gone one day.

To hold on to things will always be a disappointment because things and moments will pass. We are all looking for something which will not go away: for something eternal. Animals don’t have it: There are always in the here and now. This is what I learned from yoga, that we all long for the same – we long for eternal happiness.

But we don’t get it for nothing. We need to work for it. We need to be in contact with ourselves every day, with our inner happiness. You don’t need to go in ashram for this. It is everywhere: It is always there as long as you are conscious.

 Although people feel how good daily meditation or asanas are for the physical and mental wellbeing, it’s still hard to integrate it in a daily routine. What is your advice?

This is something I learned from my ayurvedic teacher: Every morning before you step out of bed, first breath in and breath out. Even if your todo-list pops up in your mind, let it be. Just breath and focus on three things you are grateful for. And do the same before you go to bed: breath in and out and think about three things you are grateful for. Than your day is wrapped into positive feelings and Bhakti-Yoga.

Thank everything and everybody and don’t take anything for granted, practice tolerance and compassion. If you train it every day you soon will notice the difference in your way of feeling and thinking. This will change your life and it’s so easy.

Thank you so much Flim for sharing your knowledge and thoughts with us.


Meet Flim in Morocco:

If you like to get to know more about the essence of yoga you can also visit Flim  in Morocco. At her pre-teacher-training:  “7 spiritual laws of success” in the Surf Star Morocco, 26th of March –2nd of April 2019.

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(+31) 0172 – 41 76 27